17+ Free Hookup Sites That Actually Work in 2019- Dating Sites!!

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  • Dating! Well, it’s a tricky game. Years ago, it was even more difficult. You needed to find a person that intrigued you. Then, you would have to come up with the best pickup line to woo him/her.

Even if you liked that person, things might not move as you want. Even worse, chances were he/she would not return your calls. Ending up on this note after doing so much is certainly disappointing.

Things have got easier now! You won’t have to undergo a traumatic journey to finally stumble upon a person you like. And, in a flash, you can get to know whether or not they are going to go on a date with you. Tons of free ones are there to help you get through these terms. But the question remains! Are they all legit?? Well, I try to answer this question through this article.

Best Free Hookup Sites 2019 – Reviews

Tinder used to be the synonym of online dating app. For many people, it still does. In case you are naive, you should know there are many legible ones you can visit. To keep their platform clean, they do verify the profiles so that you won’t end up fooling yourself.

Through this article, I want to introduce you to twenty of incredible ones to get you a good time. You won’t have to be afraid of trying them all because we have had our fair share of experience with each one of them. From a plethora of options, we just trimmed them to twenty. So, are you ready to dive into it? Here we go!

1. OKCupid App

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OKCupid is the new Tinder. Yeah, you might not hear about it. However, the website has been topping the list of many best dating sites since long. Apart from the website, you can also use the service using their Android and iOS applications. The image you see above is the homepage of the site. And, it doesn’t contain anything extravagant.

Have you tried any such lately? If you have, you know most of them asks you a ton of questions. Of course, it will help them find a perfect match for you. Still, at one point, answering those queries will feel like a boring practice. You will not have to face anything like that on OkCupid. That doesn’t mean it has no questions for you, only the essential ones.

The site rarely give you recommendations. Meaning, you have to manually search for matches and it certainly extends the level of control you have over your relationship. Moreover, they also display the level of matching you two have. Starting from there own, you can break the ice. No matter you are in it for casual flings or flourishing long-term relationship, OKCupid has got everything to please you.

I almost forgot to mention the basic service is available for free. But you can take it to the next level by joining the A subscription starting at $4.99 per month.

Visit OKCupid

2. Tinder App

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Let’s now address the elephant in the room, shall we? As you already read in the beginning of this article, dating has been synonymous with Tinder for quite some time. Even now, people think there is no other solution to find matches online. On par with OKCupid, this dating site also has a simple layout, but quite an attractive one, I should say.

You can sign up for the service via two methods; either with the phone number or using your Facebook account. Don’t worry! You won’t always have to be in front of the computer to use Tinder. They have mobile applications for Android and iOS. It is available for basic usage. In case you want to up the game, there are optional upgrades available at your fingertips.

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What can you exactly do on Tinder? The paramount thing to do is filling up your profile. Doing it accurately increases your chances of stumbling upon the best match. On the contrary to the OKCupid, it does show you recommendations. You can pass (swipe left), like (swipe right), and chat with potential matches. If you think flaunting your social media is going to allure others, you can do it. Even the Spotify linkage is available to show off your taste in music.

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3. PlentyofFish

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Next up in best dating platforms is PlentyofFish. Out there, it is known by the name PoF. The name says it all. It is a pool of many fishes swimming. Based on your interest, you can choose one. However, mutual interest is a must. What does PlentyofFish have to offer? Well, you can find a colossal of features as you go in.

The first one being the diversified user-base. You can find almost every class of people from different parts of the world. Provided you are going to see another single in real life, you had better stick to those who reside nearby. Even though people can find longterm relationships from PoF, it is best utilized by the people, looking for no-strings-attached flings.

Instead of relying on a machine created algorithm, it completely works on the search mechanism. You can skim through the entire database of users to finally gift yourself with a date. On the profile, you get various fields to exhibit your personality traits so that others can relate and contact. The advanced search feature is what I like the most about this platform because it streamlines the results to the most adequate ones. Similar to OKCupid, PlentyofFish also has a paid plan starting from $7 per month.

Visit PlentyofFish

4. CoffeeMeetsBagel

best free hookup platform for women app

Yeah, I know! You might not have heard of this in a sea of many free ones. That doesn’t nullify the quality of the service, though. You can put this into the category of best options available for dating. That’s why I couldn’t resist including CoffeeMeetsBagel into this list. The developers of this platform collected all the good things about the top services and brought them all into one place.

Unlike Tinder, you get only one choice to sign up for CoffeeMeetsbagel. As you might have guessed it already, it is via Facebook. Akin to every other thing here, you will also get mobile applications to enjoy dating on the go. The working behind this site is quite simple. They match you with others based on the number of mutual friends you two have on Facebook. This idea isn’t unique. However, the way the platform has utilized the same proved to be doing pretty well.

You get a dashboard where others are given options to say why they did or didn’t like your profile. Owing to the feedback you get, you can improve your profile for increasing the chances of getting liked. Moreover, this platform has coffee beans, which is the exclusive rewards you get. Unfortunately, the number of matches you can pull of is limited.

Visit CoffeeMeetsBagel

5. AdultFriendFinder

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In case you want something seducing, AdultFriendFinder should be your go-to place. It is designed for those who want to fasten things up to the sexual level. For the same reason, those who wander around on the platform have that motive in mind. For a long-term relationship, you shouldn’t jump into joining this site. We have other options here for free singles sex.

Although the name says friend, I should take the courtesy to extend it to a friend with benefits. As you can see in the image, the UI resembles that of Facebook’s signup page. You have to fill that form to join. It hardly takes a minute or so. Don’t forget your username and password. They are what going to introduce you, the single user to a never-ending world of fun and interested love.

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Once you join, you will see myriads of things to personalize your profile. Yeah, you must do that to get yourself intriguing matches. There are many hilarious games with questions to find out where you stand sexually and how far you can go. On the top of your homepage, it will give you recommendations. For refining the results, you can update your preferences. The platform itself is seductive with explicit photos.

Visit AdultFriendFinder

6. Bumble

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Incoming in the list of best dating platforms is Bumble. The name is short and easy to remember as opposed to a few others here. Online hooking up is repulsive to women in many areas, especially in villages, with no progress in gender equality. Even in urban areas, women withdraw themselves because of the creeps they may end up going out with. Well, that fear ends right here, on Bumble.

Bumble is more welcoming to women. Let me tell you how! Assuming you are a male and you found a perfect female match. Before delaying anymore, you jumped up to match. Do you think that entitles you to initiate a conversation? Not on Bumble! The female should message you first. Unless and until that happens, you can’t do anything else. In case she chooses not to message, the match will disappear in the course of 24 hours.

Many female users loathe dating online app because attempting to go through the process gets them tons of filthy messages. However, with Bumble, they won’t face such an issue. The platform is showing an enormous growth rate with 4 million daily matches 220 million swipes within two years of going live.

Visit Bumble


best free dating sites

With a flamboyant homepage, this best hookup site scores high in the list. On the homepage, they stated that it is 100% free. Meaning, there are no bars on anything you can do on the platform. Want to go cheeky by sending explicit messages? Well, that is not allowed on The Grade. They even have a hashtag that reads #NoMoreCreeps. The new developers have made the new layout easy and navigation so simple that you will never feel like feeling like an alien at any point.

When it comes to meet the quality of members, you can put this on the top. Given the creeps are actively being filtered out, you will not have to worry about anything. They just don’t remove those who send filthy messages and pictures outright. There is a category of daters. They right-swipe many. But don’t message! The Grade removes such people as well.

So, do you wonder why the platform has got this name? As the name suggests, it has a grading system for users. It grades the profile, messaging behavior, and a separate grading mechanism based on the feedback from other users. In case your profile hits the rock bottom with the worst ‘F’ grade, you will find it’s time to bid adieu to the platform. The moderators will kick you out.

Visit The Grade

8. Match.com

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Let me ask you one thing! What exactly are you looking for? Casual fling or mainstream dating? I recommend Math.com for those who want the latter. The algorithm is so smart that it can find many matches that suit your interest. The URL and the name of the site is easy to remember and you will never be going to have a hard time browsing through it.

On the homepage/apps front screen, you need to fill a signup form. It just asks you the gender, age, country, region, and city. In dating, the city of residence has its own significance, you know! As a person who likes to have longing relationship, you have to meet with the other single way too often to create bondage. Once you provide all the details, you will have to fill up an extensive questionnaire. That’s what makes it different from others.

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The questionnaire/reviews pull out all your interests and details for finding matching prospects. You can use the search feature with many custom filters. Moreover, the platform brings you handpicked matches every day as well. Based on the previous interactions, the messages are sorted in the inbox. Given Match.com has multiple verification methods, we can say it’s foolproof. That’s why I have included it into the list of best ones.

Visit Match.com

9. Passion.com

passionate dating sites

Unlike other dating platforms given here, this one doesn’t come with a free plan. Still, you can sign up for the trial, which gives you limited options for a short period of time. After that, you will have to pay the proposed fee to keep on using it in full-swing. If you simply want to have the best hookup with someone to have fun, look nowhere but on Passion.com.

From the image given above itself, you can perceive what the intention of such a site is. Unfortunate for the users, there are no mobile applications available. Do you want to go handy on your mobile? Then, opt for other online dating apps we have listed here by checking it’s reviews. You get 12 sections to express yourself. Given you can see the same sections of others, the matchmaking becomes easier. Those sections help you determine whether or not someone suits you. It is possible for you to see all your activities on the platform at My Stuff section.

Apart from the features a typical online dating site offers, Passion.com has the attribute to make video calls. However, the developers have made it convenient so that the female profiles don’t get bombarded. There are voting and point system to make the site more social. A unique feature is the ability to search for profiles based on sexual interests. Rights reserved to the app creators.

Visit Passion.com

10. Manjam

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You know there are homosexual people in the world, don’t you? In case you are one of them, don’t be shy about it. If you are not living in a cave, you might have read or heard of many protests happened to gain the rights of LGBTQ. In fact, many celebrities and world sensational people reside in this category of homosexuality (gay or lesbian).

Is there a site to find dates for such people? Yes, there is! During my extensive research, I have found one, quite a good one, actually. Manjam is exclusively available for men looking for men. On the homepage, you will be welcomed with a single fielded form to enter your email id. From there, you can take it on. Signing up process doesn’t take much time for that matter.

Rather than an online dating site, it is a gay community. You can make friends, hookup, or even indulge in a serious relationship. Just like almost every other ones, you get two options here; free and paid. The paid users aka Manjam Gold customers are entitled to many features that the free version doesn’t have. The plan starts from $9.95 per month and you can cancel it the moment you want to.

Visit Manjam

11. eHarmony

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You might not notice. eHarmony is the eleventh in this list of best sites for online dating an hookup site members. Before you choose to go with this one, you should know the members signing up process is a bit hectic in a day. The site wants to know everything about you before they set you up with someone. I should say, it’s a good practice and proved the worth in bringing many, their soulmates.

The homepage is neatly designed and there you see a clean signing up form. No matter you are homosexual or heterosexual, eHarmony welcomes you wholeheartedly. You need to enter your ZIP code and country so that it can show you people on the platform residing in the same area as of you. On the right-top of the site, you can change the language to Spanish. Once you are done with the initiation, it’s a total breeze to use this site. On many reviews, I have read it to have 9+ rating. On the personal side, I never have any issues with it.

Delving into the core features, eHarmony flaunts a compatibility matching system through a personality test. For the same reason, you can land on many that suit your mind and interest. Instead of showing off your physical attributes, this site chose to flaunt your personal traits. After all, a healthy relationship should flourish in a personal and mental level before moving into the physical affairs.

Visit eHarmony

12. EliteSingles

elite dating sites

Before I begin to explain this one, let me tell you something! It makes me wonder why you haven’t gone with the eleven dating platforms available above. Or, are you here to explore more options so that you can hook up as many people as you like? Whatever the reason be, EliteSingles is not a regular dating site you can simply jump into.

As the name proclaims, it is a community of highly educated people. Although they don’t limit anyone to use the platform, the homepage itself says they have over 85% qualified profiles. For the same reason, the higher the educational background, the higher the chances of getting matched. Apart from the regular options, you get a wild card one, to give you a match. Once you pass it on, that person will never pop out.

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Of course, there is a mobile application. But for some strange reason, the desktop version enjoys a fully functional search facility with advanced filters. Once you join for an account, it is possible to get the maximum out of the site by going for the paid account. The algorithmic matching is only available for the paid subscription. Owing to the limited number of matches, people to tend to preciously treat those they are shown.

Visit EliteSingles

13. FetLife

fetish hookup sites

The name itself is desirable, isn’t it? Similar to AdultFriendFinder, this one can be termed as one of the true hookup platforms for who wants sexual exploration with no-strings-attached. There is a public blog functionality where you can find much explicit content shared by the users.

Based on the sexual preferences, you can join different groups. Moreover, the groups are available on the basis of location as well. They have a Facebook-like feed. And, it helps you keep track of all the activities of the people you follow. Unlike all the other dating sites, FetLife has a strong free membership. In case you are having a shoelace budget, you won’t feel the need to go for the paid subscription.

Staying away from plenty of local love creeps encounters is the difficult thing for a zero cost site. The site has active moderators to keep them at bay. And, it uses SSL encryption to keep every activity of yours private. For a six month membership, it only charges you $30 in total.

Visit FetLife

14. SwingLifestyle

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Let me get this straight! You may not like the interface. The website looks like the design hasn’t gone a revamp for at least five years. Irrespective of this fact, it has got a wide range of users. That’s why I have included it into this list of best ones.

As of writing this article, there are 4890 people online, which may be pretty low as compared to Tinder or OKCupid. Still, many lean onto SwingLifestyle to fulfill their dating needs. So, what does make it stand out from the rest? To begin with, it has a sensible plan you can try or even use for long.

On the contrary to other adult sex for singles apps in this post, you get a lifetime subscription. And yeah, there is a monthly payment plan available at $14.95 per month. The signup process is pretty straightforward. There are thousands of chatrooms and groups you can join and have fun.

Visit SwingLifestyle

15. LavaLife

dating sites free trial adult sex for singles

Have you heard of this, LavaLife? It is an established dating style and never going to give you headaches. Of course, the layout is modern and you get mobile applications to stay connected on the go. The signup process may take 10 minutes as you have to answer a short collection of questions.

The members can initiate contact. In order to send a message first, you will have to purchase the paid subscription. However, it is possible for free users to respond to texts and smileys. The unique feature of LavaLife is multiple profiles from one account for different sections.

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In any case, you feel you need expert assistance, there is live chat support you can always rely onto. The privacy options are impressive as they give you an option to choose what you want to show with others. For a month, the premium plan costs you $19.99 per month.

Visit LavaLife

16. iHookup

hookup websites free subscription adult sex for singles

Up next is iHookup. The name says it all. And, they have made it clear that the site is intended to find casual dates based on physical attraction. That means you can use it to find a no-strings-attached fun relation.

The registration is pretty simple. As a hookup site, it focuses on your sexual desires rather than connecting with others on a personal or cognitive level. A unique section is available to display individual, social, and sexual compatibility. The popular swiping action is present.

Even though not as renowned as Tinder or OKCupid, iHookup has tons of active and engaging users. So, you won’t feel like you are the one grazing in on the site.

Visit iHookup

17. Cupid

online soulmate finder adult sex for singles

Yeah, it is true. In the name, it resembles OKCupid. Even with a new account, it lets you search for user profiles. And, there are multiple ways on the platform to interact with other individuals. However, the frequent popups to urge you to take the premium plan may annoy you.

The signup process is so simple that it hardly starts making you bored. In order to flirt casually, Cupid has a specific feature named Winks. For short messages, there is Cupid’s Arrow. The site even has desktop chat applications. Meaning, you don’t have to always fire up the browser to use Cupid.

Visit Cupid

Here’re a few more!!

Final Verdict

Sorry! No final verdict for these free sites. I have handpicked all these by myself. You can try each of these dating platforms and stumble upon the one that suits you the best. For every individual, priorities differ. That means you need personal experience to evaluate the quality and convenience of service. So, go on! Try them one by one.

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