Couchtuner Blocked or Not Working? Top 5 Alternatives 2019


Can you live a day without consuming media? In this internet-driven world, it has become impossible for anyone to do so. You have got multitudes of ways to entertain yourself. The world of free streaming sites surely embarrasses Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. And, you are here, looking for such free alternative sites to Couchtuner.

You know what Couchtuner is. It began the journey with a .com domain. They started giving copyrighted series and films for free. Of course, the authorities had to take down the site. That’s why they kept on shifting the domain. You may not be getting access to their site (in some countries, it’s still available).

Best Free Alternative WebSites to Couch tuner 2019 To Watch Online

Don’t worry! Your internet media consumption isn’t at stake to watch good content online. We have got a list of handpicked media sites, which serves the same purpose as that of Couchtuner.

New Episodes

The name says it all. The site houses all the episodes of latest and popular TV series that you can watch online. I could find out almost all the TV shows I searched for. You can try it yourself. They have a different site if you want to stream movies. On the homepage itself, you get links to popular and new TV shows. Creating an account gives you some privileges over guest users such as the ability to add episodes into favorites.

Going by my experience, I think you will find out what you are seeking from the homepage itself. One unique feature I could spot on New Episodes is the email alert to watch new series online. You can set up an email alert to get notified when a new episode of your favorite show goes live. The site has a dedicated forum to share your concern and issues. Alphabetical arrangement assists those who want to explore the world of series.

Solar Movies

5 Best Alternative Sites To Couchtuner in 2019

In case you are not new to the free online streaming website to watch the latest best video content, you might have probably heard of Solar Movies. It’s a worthy contender to Couchtuner. Their homepage is a feast. Using the navigation bar, one can stumble upon the best video content available on the web. Unlike the previous website, it got both TV shows and movies under one umbrella. You can hover the mouse pointer over Genre link to choose movies from different categories.

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Scrolling down a bit unleashes new movies and new good video TV series. In case you don’t want to get your eyes dirty by going through all those, you can land on the top ones by clicking Top IMDb link on the navigation bar. They have a mailing list to alert you about the new series arrivals. Given you get everything free here, you will have to endure with the occasional popup ads.

Visit Solar Movies


Alternative sites to Couchtuner

When you look for the best alternative sites to Couchtuner, you can’t stumble upon one as clean as Putlocker. It has got a tidy interface with only one search bar and a few links on the homepage. Akin to Solar Movies, the navigation is a golden nugget. You can jump between different genres/ countries, and even get a list of top-rated content on IMDb. Clicking on A – Z List opens their behemoth database before you.

You may get frustrated by the number of times the site triggers popup ads. Despite having a few servers intact, I wasn’t able to get some content to work. However, popular TV shows played flawlessly. You will see ads on the playing screen too. Trying to close it down invites another popup screen. As long as you are okay with the advertisements, Putlocker serves you well.


You are familiar with torrenting, aren’t you? Before the internet surveillance dominated the web, it was the lifeline for everyone who wanted to download new movies and TV series. Torrenting still works but the sources are limited. YTS has been my savior since long. It’s true the domain changes every now and then. The site remains the same, though.

You need to download a torrent client like uTorrent or BitTorrent first. What YTS gives you is a special file with .torrent extension. You have to use a certain program to open the file. The downloading will begin only when you do that. Chances are the speed may be less than what you expect it to be. Still, you get high-quality media files without going through a ton of websites.

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They also give you subtitles. Scrolling down a bit on the downloading page shows you the option to download subtitles. Each movie title has its IMDb rating. So, you won’t have to spend time judging the content quality.

Tubi TV

Do you want professional alternative sites to Couchtuner? You will astonish yourself to see Tubi TV. They have a jaw-dropping website, to begin with. Moreover, you can get it on multiple platforms; Fire TV, Xbox, Apple TV, you name it. On the navigation bar, you can see a search box to help you find your favorite titles. As on any other sites, registering for an account helps you keep the screen personalized.

A bit below, you see a red Watch Now button. It will bring you to another homepage with thumbnail images of different shows and films. Popular titles are shown there as featured sliders. Unlike the fake sites which list shows but don’t stand up to the promise of delivering the content, you will see all the given links work here. Unfortunately, I failed to get everything I searched there.

Visit Tubi TV


You have got five best free alternative sites to Couchtuner. As internet surveillance became stronger than ever, it’s difficult for a free streaming site to be alive. Sooner or later, the authorities catch them redhanded just to push it to the oblivion. That’s why most of such sites change their URLs from time to time. All the sites I shared with you here works right now. They may change the domain (I hope they will turn the redirection on so that you end up getting the same site).

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