Free Music Downloads: Best Music Downloader For Android & iPhones!

Free music download is something every music lover keeps looking for. For them Music is life. Since the time radios were used frequently, streaming and listening to music has been a norm. Beginning of the Internet era changed the way music used to be streamed, providing a more unique and pleasurable experience of listening to our favorite music.

Since the same time, free music downloads has also been a topic of keen interest for the music lovers. Many of my friends who are music addicts keep asking me where to download free music.

So toady in this article I will be sharing the exact method using which you can have free music downloads. In this article, I will be covering 10 Best free music download apps for Android, 5 Free mp3 download sites. We have made sure that all the download free music platforms are covered in this article. Another interesting thing to note here is that majority of the music lovers are gaming lovers too.

Free Music Downloader Apps For Android

Before we get started, I would like to touch an important topic. One of the benefits that the smartphone brought with them was Storage. They allowed  keeping our favorite stuff inside them which included music, pictures etc.

Now that Android devices with huge storage capacity have captured the smartphones segment, user have got a choice to store unlimited amount of music on their phones and listen to them anytime without the need of any Internet connection. Storing and downloading free music has become a lot easier.

Thus dozens of music apps for android have made their way who claim to give you free music downloading option. However, majority of those apps are pure spam and offer nothing to the users.

That’s why  we have decided to compile a list of the some Best Apps For Free Music Downloads For Android. Apps have been listed in the order of their usefulness(as per my experience with them), though that doesn’t mean the apps on the last of the list are useless. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

Best Music Downloader For Android

Okay, so here is a lot of the 10 best apps for free downloading music on your Android. GO through it and select the one you find the best.

1. 4shared Music – Best App for Free Music DOwnloads

4shared Music is the very first app on our list of best music download app. There are several reasons why it is the number one music downloader for android.  First of all, The enormity of its library of free music can be guessed by the fact that at the time of writing this article it had 5,965,919 tracks available for download. Yes, that many number of songs  are available to be downloaded for free.

It is undoubtedly the best android music downloader. Unlike other apps, it allows the user to search the huge 4shared database of files and automatically filters the searches to display only MP3 files. Amazing, isn’t it?

The music you download automatically gets added to a 15 GB 4shared cloud folder, making it easier to download the files again in case you switch phones in future.

Using the ‘Search’ option you can look for music files and then add them to your playlist easily. 4shared mp3 are generally of high quality, increasing the quality of your music experience.

Ready to Download 4shared Music app? Go ahead and download it from this link.

2. Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro goes perfectly with its name! The songs searching option is very handy as the it lets you search your favorite music by genre and by the name of the artists. Music Paradise pro makes finding songs easier and mp3 download simpler. Once a song is downloaded, you can add the most favorite ones into library so that you can enjoy the beats on demand later whenever you want.

But the great part is that it comes with a built-in music player and a download manager that supports multiple download at a time and on the go!

For some reasons,  it’s not available in Google Play Store right now, but you cam easily download it’s apk file. I would recommend checking out our in depth review before you download.

3. Google Play Music

Well, there are only a few fields where Google lags and music is certainly not one of those. Google Play Music is kind of Google’s marketplace for music on Android. But the best part is that it regularly offers free songs and albums for the music lovers.

The more you use Google Play Music, the better the experience gets. It makes Smart recommendations based on your taste as it learns from your usage.

It allows free mp3 downloads for android and also has the option to listening to it when you’re not connected to the Internet.

Definitely worth giving a try as the best free music download app. Interested in downloading it? Here is the Download link of Google Play Music app.

4. Omega Mp3 Download Free

It is yet another very good music download app for Android. Though it is not as good as the other two mentioned in the list, yet it has its own uniqueness. It allows the users to listen to music in the background and also provides the option to download it.

It has a search option built in which makes searching for music a lot easier. It works perfectly with 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi, so you need not worry about that. If you are looking for the best music download app for android, you must give it a try.

5. Free MP3 Downloads

Free Mp3 Downloads app allows the user to search, download and listen songs that are licenced as “free to use”. So you need not worry about any Piracy related issues while you are downloading any song using this app.

You can simply search for the song you wish to download and then click on the song’s name to download it. In the listen tab you can listen to all the songs you have downloaded using the app.

Free MP3 Downloads is available in English, German, Russian and Lithuanian languages. In order to change application language you need to change the standard language of your Android device. Definitely one of the best mp3 downloader for android.

6. RockMyRun

If you ever think whats a good music downloader, ROckMyRun is for you. It is one of my favourite apps for free mp3 downloads for android due to the number of features it offers. It allows downloading or caching of your favorite music on your device. The app is best suited for listening to music during workouts.

You can use its custom built DJ mixes for your workout style. IT delivers awesome DJ mixed playlists for the perfect workout soundtrack you can ever have. Surely one of the best free music downloader for android.

Download: RockMyRun

7. Advanced Download Manager

Don’t just download tracks, organize them too. This is the tagline of ADM. Advanced Download manager assists you in organizing your play list. It comes with an extraordinary feature which keeps downloading songs without limiting data speed if you are multitasking. The unique point is that you can play mp3 and mp4 both!

Once you choose a song, it’s very easy to pull in and download mp3! Unleash the beauty of music with Advanced Free Music Download manager.

8. Copyleft mp3 Downloader

Amazing and perfect- these two words go with Copyleft free mp3 download app. Using this minimalistically designed music downloader, you can stream music online and download as well. It’s free to install and unique part of this free Android music downloader is there is no limit of streaming music online.

Like any extremely user friendly music streaming apps it has Search option which helps you find the tracks you have been looking for. Instant suggestion is another premium feature of this music app. Users can set up playlist manually. It provides control over the downloaded songs. You can organize them in folders directly from the app!

9. Super Cloud MP3 Downloader

This quick and efficient mp3 downloader and allows users to download free music. It is less known though and counted as one of the best by those who used it once. We can bet, once you downloaded it, you won’t uninstall it.

Yes, it’s really damn cool! Don’t just go with its looks. There is a powerful downloader behind the ordinary looking app. If you don’t want to download, you can stream your tracks online and even in 2G it runs like butter- no lag and no buffering, the experience is simply kick ass.

10. Gtune Music Downloader

It was known as Simple MP3 downloader. You can browse lots of tracks using in built tab like “weekly hits” and “best hiphop”if you want to choose by a genre. Millions of songs are there to choose from. It’s one of the largest libraries of online music. Once you are plugged in, forget the rest.

Some unique feature of this Android music downloader are- you can make beautiful ringtone directly from the track running and assign that for a particular contact! It’s really a shaking feature, isn’t it? Another feature is loved by the most users and you can feel that in the comment section of Google Play. Lyrics are displayed on the screen and words are lightened up as the music goes.

Like the first one, it’s also removed from Google Play store but here is the direct download link from official site-

So, this was our list of best android music downloader which allows free music downloads. It’s your turn now. Which one do you use for free music downloads for android? Do let us know in the comments section below.

If you have suggestion for any app which allow to download free music, list it in the comments section and we might add it to the list if it’s worthy.

5 Best And Free Mp3 Download Sites

Have you ever tried to download songs from any free mp3 download sites? There may be tons of music tracks but unorganized database made maximum of them abandoned. That’s why we have compiled a list of 5 best music download sites to save you from the hassle.

1) Mp3base

Mp3Base is comparatively new site but has a lot of caliber to woo the music lovers. Landing on the website it may make you crazy fan of it, yes- simply at first look you may bookmark it on your browser.

The overall navigation is too good. Top songs, top albums and top artists categories are featured in the home page when you will land. Another basic but interesting part is that you can browse the music alphabetically.

2) Mp3Skull

Mp3Skull is One of the best site that comes under best sites for mp3 download if we are to pick top sites. Here anyone can find music specially from Bollywood. But the hidden treasure of this site is it has enormous collection of English songs and world’s legendary songs.

You can say- it has complete collections of your choice. With a single click you can directly download the songs. When you will get into the download page, download variations will be shown according to the quality of the song. There are lots of things which can’t be described in words. In terms of collection it’s best. If you are going for user’s choice, it comes in first three there also.

3) Soundowl

Soundowl is One of the top rated free music download sites. It does not have many annoying ads though the download link is very much conspicuous. All the music tracks available for download are free of any legal claim.

An option is there for all soundowl visitors, using that you can make ringtone from any music available there. If you are looking for songs of a particular artist, then the option is there also for you. All features are packed, you just need to unpack it and enjoy.

4) Mp3Jack, I personally I like this site cause it looks like, it is made for hardcore music lovers. No ads, no pop ups, only pure music experience! Really a good one if you want to surf a lot while your inclination goes for listening something new and something better. With minimalistic layout it may look ordinary but the contents it carries is awesome. All the songs are of good quality- 128kbps.

Note: For our visitors a simple explanation. You may have seen the “kbps” after the music download link while roaming on websites for free mp3. Music with high “kbps” appears better in headphone when plugged in. Music file with lower kbps may sound crappy.

5) DJMaza –>You might go through it. We can be maximum users went through this site while downloading music for free on web. It’s a famous site for downloading mp3 with high content rich. You can find anything from pop to jazz, Indian to English etc on this site.

All the songs are arranged in some orders like- latest collection, hits of the week etc. There is search bar on the right top where you can simply drop the name of the song you have been looking for and hit enter to download that!

So, this was our list of the best free mp3 download sites that you must check out.


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